Future of digitalised, sustainable conferences
for on site and remote participation

Why hybrid events?

Creating digi-physical, hybrid events with a focus on meeting the participants varying needs, organizers gain greater flexibility to create value and monetize their content.

Extend the event lifespan

Replay all sessions, interact with attendees and speakers and access extra material. All in a secured, user friendly web app

Sell more tickets

20-25% of your possible audience can't attend because of different reasons. With Coeo you can sell them digital remote tickets!

While spreading more knowledge

Digital program

As the event proceeds, the program automatically updates with recordings of every session. No one ever needs to miss anything because of parallel or full rooms

Interact & discuss

The remote attendees can interact with each other as well as the participants and speakers at the live event.

Download all videos as a documentation of the event

Upload files the attendees have interrest in

Live chat and participate in forums with all attendees and speakers after the event.

All content and activity is accessed through a secure SSL-encrypted login only to your attendees.

Easy to get started!

Coeo works with everything from professional cameras to smart phones. If you don't have your own film crew, we'll help out.

Speakers and moderators don't need to learn any new technologies, it all runs smoothly on the background.