How to implement?

Here's a step by step guide to convert a physical event to hybrid or fully digital. Done in a day, or spread out on months, what suit's you best.

Kickoff and strategy

We'll work together to identify how the purpose of the event is best converted digitally using the Coeo toolbox. Create a plan how to implement networking, realtime interactions, mixing of live and uploaded digital content.

This is also a good time to plan fees for the remote participants. There are multiple approaches to this, all depending on your audience and sponsors.

Free demo

We will setup a custom designed digital platform, where you'll get admin access to control your own content.

Rehersal and exploration

To get a sense of the system and the participant's user experience, we'll run a rehersal together.
From invitation to registration, live stream, interactions, replays, etc.
This creates a calm before the event.

Sync w film crew?

Depending on if you already have a film crew (video production) of or you want us to handle that contact, we'll prepare them how to use the platform.

Clear for take off!

Now you are ready to start inviting your participants to your hybrid/digital event, yay!